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Animal Control


Chief Animal Control Officer
Adam Mumma
Deputy Animal Control Officer
Chris Riviere
225 County Shop Road
Open to the public by
Farmville, VA 23901
appointment only.
Mailing Address
Animal Control
  PO Box 382
  Farmville, VA 23901

All dogs in Prince Edward County that are four (4) months of age and older must have a current rabies vaccination and a county dog license. A new dog license must be purchased for each dog by January 31st of each year. For Kennel Licenses, one rabies certificate will be required for each individual dog tag. To purchase a license for your dog, present a copy of your current rabies vaccination to the County Treasurer's Office, located on the second floor of the Prince Edward County Courthouse. For additional information about County Dog Licenses, please call the Treasurer's Office at 434-392-3454.

Dog licenses are due January 31st of each year.

All cats four (4) months of age or older must have a current rabies vaccination but are not required to have a license.


Dogs are required to be confined to their properties year round.
Please see Division 4. Running At Large of the Prince Edward County Animal Control Ordinance, in its entirety, here.


Sec. 10-70. Prohibited.

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any dog, belonging to him or under his control, to run at large in the county at any time.  For the purpose of this division, a dog shall be deemed to be running at large while roaming or running or self-hunting off the property of its owner or custodian and not under the owner's or custodians' immediate control. Any person who is the owner or custodian of the dog found running at large shall be deemed to have violated the provisions of this section, if said owner or custodian has previously been notified by any animal control officer or other officer of the law that the dog is or has been running at large.
  1. This section shall not apply to any person or persons while engaging in the following activities:

(1)   Lawful hunting with a dog or dogs;
(2)   Law enforcement or search and rescue activity;
(3)   A supervised formal obedience training class or show;
(4)   Formally sanctioned field trials; or
(5)   Bona fide hunting or field trial dog training.



If you reside within the Town of Farmville limits,
please contact the Farmville Animal Control Department at 434-392-3332.


Animal Control Fees :

Impoundment Fee  
     1st Time
     2nd Time
     3rd Time
     Quarantine (Rabies, dangerous dogs)
Daily Boarding Fee
Adoption Fee
Surrender Pick Up
Daily Boarding Fee
Surrender Pick Up
Assess owner at the cost to the County to provide appropriate care.
Rev Jan 2009