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The Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Room in the County Courthouse, 111 South Street, Third Floor, Farmville. 




The Prince Edward County Planning Commission
meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Room in the County Courthouse, 111 South Street, Third Floor, Farmville. 

Robert M. Jones Board Representative, term runs concurrent with Board term - 12/31/19
John Prengaman Term expires 12/31/18
Clifford Jack Leatherwood Term expires 12/31/18
Cannon Watson Term expires 12/31/18
John "Jack" W. Peery, Jr. Term expires 12/31/18
Whitfield M. Paige Term expires 12/31/19
Donald Gilliam Term expires 12/31/20
Preston C. Hunt Term expires 12/31/20
Mark Jenkins Term expires 12/31/21
Teresa Sandlin Term expires 12/31/21



Industrial Development Authority

Ken Copeland Term expires 6/30/19
Edgar Jones Term expires 6/30/19
Gwen S. Eddleman Term expires 6/30/20
Michael B. Montgomery, Vice Chair Term expires 6/30/20
Fred Russell, Chair Term expires 6/30/21
Tim Tharpe Term expires 6/30/21
Bradley L. Watson Term expires 6/30/22
  IDA Meeting Minutes
Wade Bartlett, Secretary  
Brian Butler, Attorney  



Social Services Board

Shirley Wallace Term expires 6/30/20
Pattie Cooper-Jones Board representative,
Term expires 12/31/19
Ida Miley Term expires 6/30/21
Theresa A. Clark, Ph.D. Term expires 6/30/22
Pauly Hollingsworth Term expires 6/30/19



Board of Zoning Appeals

Sam Coleman Term expires 12/31/18
John F. Townsend, III Term expires 12/31/19
James (Jim) Davis Term expires 12/31/20
Vincent Eanes Term expires 12/31/21
John Prengaman Term expires 12/31/22



Board of Appeals for Building Code

Cornelius Jones Term expires 6/30/19
Caryn B. Kayton Term expires 6/30/20
Lanay Walker Term expires 6/30/21
Henry Booth Term expires 6/30/22
Parker Terry Term expires 6/30/23



Central Virginia Regional Library Board

Eunice Carwile (Treasurer)
Term expires 6/30/19
(Appointed by Prince Edward County)
Susan Smith (President) Term expires 6/30/20
(Appointed by Prince Edward County)
Vicky Page (Secretary) Term expires 6/30/21
(Appointed by Prince Edward County)
Lynette De Long (Vice-President) Term expires 6/30/19
(Appointed by Buckingham County)
Linda Paige Term expires 6/30/21
(Appointed by Buckingham County)
Gwendolyn S, Akers-Booker Term expires 6/30/22
(Appointed by Prince Edward County)
Robin Smith Term expires 6/30/21
(Appointed by the Town of Farmville)
JoAnn Jones Term expires 6/30/19
(Appointed by Buckingham County)
Diane O'Bryant
Term expires 6/30/22
(Appointed by Buckingham County)



Poplar Hill Community Development Authority

Hunter Watson, Chairman  
Gene A. Southall County Appointee; term expires 6/30/19
John Gantt County Appointee;
term expires 6/30/19
Roy R. Yeatts County Appointee;
term expires 6/30/19
Robert Atkinson  
Paul P. Hicks, Jr.  
Robert Showalter  
W. Glenn Culley, Jr.  



Piedmont Regional Jail Board

James W. Garnett, Jr. Term expires 12/31/19
Wade Bartlett, Alternate Term expires 12/31/19




Prince Edward County School Board (Elected)

101 Peter Gur, Ph.D. Term expires 12/31/19
201 General D. Jenkins Term expires 12/31/19
301 Timothy W. Corbett, Sr., M.D., Vice Chair Term expires 12/31/21
401 Beulah M. Womack Term expires 12/31/19
501 Lucy B. Carson Term expires 12/31/21
601 Elzora G. Stiff Term expires 12/31/21
701 Cainan D. Townsend Term expires 12/31/21
801 Lawrence C. Varner, M.D. Term expires 12/31/19