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Cannery - Home Users

Prince Edward County Cannery & Commercial Kitchen

7916 Abilene Road
Farmville, VA 23901



Strawberries ready to be turned into jam

Home Users have used the Prince Edward County Cannery for over 35 years to preserve a variety of foods for future personal consumption. There are tried and true recipes available for Brunswick stew and pasta sauce, though many other possibilities exist using produce from your garden, a farmer’s market or a local produce auction such as the Southside Produce Auction in Charlotte County. Fruits, vegetables, and meats are all options for the Home User to preserve.

2017 Hours of Operation 

(Processing for Personal Consumption)
June through December
Monday - Wednesday - Saturday
Open at 7 a.m.


Users must arrive before 10 a.m.

At present home users may only process food into metal cans, users are not permitted to preserve food in glass jars at the Prince Edward County Cannery. However the County is currently researching the feasibility of using glass jars for home canning. This will provide our residents with additional processing options. Examples include the glass Mason and Ball-type quart and pint jars. Additional information concerning glass jars will be distributed once the County completes testing.

Residents of Prince Edward, Cumberland, Charlotte, and Amelia Counties pay $1.00 per day to use the Cannery plus the cost of the cans.  Residents of all other counties that use the cannery pay an additional 30% surcharge on their costs of cans.  There is a flat $10.00 fee to prepare food in the cannery that is not being heat processed (i.e. corn kernels removed from the cob at the cannery but taken home for storage in the freezer).

Can Size
Cost per Unit
#300 "Pint"
$0.40 / each can
#401 "Quart"
$0.48 / each can
#603 "Gallon"
$1.25 / each can
$0.25 / lb.
Food Preparation Use
$ 10.00 / day

Some of the Cannery’s steam-jacketed kettles


  • Sinks
  1. 3 Bay Sanitizing Station (1)
  2. Produce Station (3)
  3. Hand Station (2)
  • Steam-jacked kettles
  1. 20-gallon (1)
  2. 30-gallon (1)
  3. 40-gallon (4)
  4. 60-gallon (1)
  • Can Seamers
  1. Gallon (1)
  2. Quart (2)
  3. Pint (1)
  • Retorts
  1. Vertical (3)
  2. Horizontal (1)
  • Corn Kernel Remover (1)
  • Cooling Tanks (2)
  • Pulper/Juicers (2)
  • Apple Corer/Choppers (3)
  • Blancher (1)
  • Onion Chopper (1)
  • Produce Washer (1)
  • Processing Tables (5)
  • Rolling Carts
  • 1,000 lb Scale (1)
  • Meat Grinder (1)
  • Meat Saw (1)
  • Potato Peeler (1)