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Clerk of the Court - Online Access to Court Files/Attorney Access

Officer of the Court Remote Access (OCRA)

Prince Edward Circuit Court now offers online access to all Circuit Court documents to attorneys and their support staff. The system is known as Officer of the Court Remote Access (OCRA). OCRA allows for inquiring only and viewing of all court documents for cases commencing in April 2014 and after. At this time, online access is not available for Juvenile, Adoption and sealed cases or any sealed documents within a case.



OCRA Online Options
1. Try free for the first six (6) months (Expires November 30, 2014)
2. $150/year per attorney and $50/per staff member
3. $50/year per certified court appointed attorney (10th Circuit) and $25/staff member


Instructions for access to OCRA
1. Access is only for attorneys and support staff.
2. Fill out OCRA AGREEMENT. Agreement must be signed and notarized by attorney and must include the attorney's bar number.
3. Send in payment and agreement (if signing up for free trial send in agreement only).
4. Once payment and agreement are received, the Clerk's Office will notify you when your account is set up.