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Taxable Retail Sales (2005):

Prince Edward County:                     $568,147,983.00
Town of Farmville:                             $346,706,850.00


Town of Farmville:                             7.2 Square Miles
Prince Edward County:                     356 Square Miles


U.S. Route 460 (east-west)
U.S. Route 15 (north-south)

Commercial Air Service:

Lynchburg Regional: (49 miles):
Delta Connection/ Atlantic       Southeast Airlines          US Airways Express

Richmond International Airport: (70 miles):
AirTran Airways                      American Airlines           JetBlue Airways
Continental Airlines                 Delta Air Lines               Northwest Airlines
United Airlines                        US Airways                   American Eagle Comair/ Delta                                                                                               Connection 

Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, Charlottesville: (52 miles):
Comair/ Delta Connection        Northwest Airlines          United Express
US Airways Express

General Aviation Service:

Farmville Municipal Airport - 4,400 ft. runway

Distance to Interstates:

I-85 - 25.7 miles
I-64 - 33.6 miles
I-295 - 39.9 miles
I-195 - 43.0 miles
I-95 - 44.5 miles


Richmond (inland port): 63 miles, approx 1:30 hours

Hampton Roads: 150 miles, approx 3:00 hours
- world-class shipping facilities and a schedule of over 5,100 sailings annually to over 250
ports in 100 foreign countries. Largest inter-modal facility on the East Coast


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