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In 2006, the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative completed the installation of a communications connection on the property of the Prince Edward County Business Park. This connection will provide the network that provides open access transport services to those telecoms serving Prince Edward County and the counties surrounding. As a result of this installation, economic development in the region will be made more competitive due to the highly scalable telecommunications transport networking capabilities now available in the Heart of Virginia.


Prince Edward County’s Enterprise Zone Program is a Commonwealth of Virginia, economic development program managed by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The State’s Enterprise Zone Program is designated to offer state and local incentives for businesses to locate or expand within the designated zone areas. Prince Edward County has one enterprise zone designation that includes portions of the Town of Farmville and consists of 2,398 acres as shown on the Enterprise Zone Map.

As part of the Enterprise Zone, Prince Edward County owns 100+ acres of a Business Park, where multiple industries currently reside. In 2009, the County developed 4 new "ready-to-go" industrial sites. These new sites are designed and marketed to attract additional industries to Prince Edward County.

Click here to see the available Industrial Buildings and Sites in Prince Edward County


The Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors stands ready to work with businesses and industries that are interested in locating to the County.

Business Facts and Figures 2011:

Machinery and Tool Tax rates - $4.20

Real Estate - $0.42

Tangible Personal Property - $4.50
Merchants Capital tax - $.70

Prince Edward County does not charge for Business License; however the Town of Farmville does have a tax fee for Business Licensing.
Water and sewer are provided by the Town of Farmville for the industrial and commercial properties currently noted on the Enterprise Zone Map.


Last Updated: December 6, 2011


December 6, 2011