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Welcome to the Governmental portion of our web site. Here you can find contact information for all elected officials and administrative staff.

In keeping with our drive to have as open a government as possible, meeting times for the Board of Supervisors and various Commissions are listed.

If you were unable to attend a Board of Supervisors meeting, we have posted the minutes for all such meetings for the last six years. We encourage you to read these minutes to better understand actions the Board of Supervisors has taken.

Many of our policies and governmental forms are contained here. These will allow you to research an item and even fill out local forms, such as building permits and voter registration, from the privacy of your home.


Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors, as the legislative body, is responsible for enacting laws and setting policies.  It also approves the budget for county services and appoints citizens to the several boards, authorities, commissions and committees.


Boards, Commissions
and Committees