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Prince Edward County is home to where the Civil War met the Civil Rights movement in this country. Many of the stops of Lee's Retreat, which heralded the end of the War between the States, are located in Prince Edward County. Additionally, the County is also home to much of the history that shaped and changed civil rights and education in our country.   Following are links to places of historical interest.

Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail

Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail


Discover this driving tour for where the Civil Rights in Education all began. Click the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail™ logo to learn more



Civil War Trail

Civil War

As you drive through Virginia, these distintive signs can be found. Each sign signifies a stop along a driving tour of the Civil War.

Click the Civil War Trails logo to learn more.




Esther Atkinson Museum
Current exhibit at Esther Atkinson Museum of Hampden-Sydney College


The front gallery features lively history exhibits of Hampden-
Sydney College and its contributions to Virginia and the United
States. The back gallery features frequent changing exhibits.

The current exhibit contains unique items on display from the College’s 230 years of history.







Virginia's Retreat

Virginia's Retreat Virginia's Retreat is a consortium of 13 Counties and 1 City, whose mission is to promote historical points of interest during Lee's Retreat, the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail, Parks, and Birding and Wildlife Trails.

Click the logo to learn more about this one of a kind driving tour.

Worsham Clerks Office

Worsham Clerks Office In 1754, Prince Edward County was formed. Worsham was the tiny village that hosted the original County Clerks Office and Court House. The building still stands and is available for tours or events and meetings.

Click the image to learn more about this important landmark.


Robert Russa Moton Museum

Robert Russa Moton Museum The Moton Museum is the site of the once all Black High School where students walked out during the 1950's on a two week strike opposing the deplorable conditions for learning.

Discover how the Civil Rights Movement began in this country right here in Prince Edward County at this former High School.


High Bridge Trail State Park

High Bridge

All 31 miles of High Bridge Trail State Park is open for non-motorized access 365 days a year. Come down for a ride, a walk, or a run. Then, come into Farmville to see how much more you can find!

Last Updated: July 21, 2016