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Whether you seek golfing, hiking, swimming, kayaking or horseback riding, or adventures in the trees, Prince Edward County has the leisure activities to suit. In fact, Prince Edward County is the only county in the Commonwealth where State Park enthusiasts will find THREE State Parks within the borders of ONE County! Of the 38 State Parks, Sailor's Creek Battlefield Historical State Park, High Bridge Trail State Park, and Twin Lakes State Park, are all partially or wholly located within the borders of Prince Edward County!

Adventure Parks

The Outdoor Adventure Park


Click the link to arrange for outdoor adventures in the trees! Zip lines and Ropes Obstacle Courses. The largest aerial ropes course and largest zip line park in Virginia!







Kayaking on the Sandy River Reservoir Click the link to find your place for kayaking, canoeing, boating, swimming or tubing.








As far as Links go, there are plenty in Prince Edward County! Golfing at The Manor Golf Course Click through to see the choices we offer.









Avid bird and wildlife watchers alike will find just what they are looking for right here in the Heart of Virginia.



Photo Courtesy of Karen Fulcher






Hiking/Biking/Horseback Riding

Hiking & Biking on High Bridge Trail State Park


Spectacular opportunities abound for hikers, bikers and riders throughout Prince Edward County.