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Education is of paramount importance in Prince Edward County. We pride ourselves in being the home of excellent institutions of higher learning as well as spectacular public and private school programs. Below is a listing of the schools in our county, as well as contact information for each.


Since 1925, Southside Community Hospitalís vision is a state-of-the-art facility committed to meeting the needs of the community through quality cost effective healthcare, delivered by a progressive, highly-trained medical staff and an efficient, friendly workforce.

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Broadband Capabilities:
To allow for our areaís expansion, Prince Edward Countyís broadband supports five cities, numerous towns, 20 counties, 56 industrial parks, and is able to serve 700,000 residents and 19,000 businesses.


Highways: U.S. Route 460 (east-west)
U.S. Route 15 (north-south)

Commercial Air Service:

Lynchburg Regional: 49 miles, approx 1:00 via Route 460E
- USAirways Express; United Express
Richmond International Airport: 70 miles, approx 1:30 via Route 360W
- major carriers with non-stop flights to destinations and connecting flights, to destinations worldwide

General Aviation Service:

Farmville Municipal Airport (Local)


Richmond: 63 miles, approx 1:30
Hampton Roads: 150 miles, approx 3:00
- world-class shipping facilities and a schedule of over 5,100 sailings annually to over 250 ports in 100 foreign countries. Largest inter- modal facility on the East Coast