Prince Edward County


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Magistrates Office
Avi Baruch Efreom
Kitty Jackson
Walt Newman
124 N. Main Street,
Farmville, VA 23901
434-392-9361 (fax)


Magistrates are independent judicial officers. Their principal function is to provide independent and unbiased review of complaints brought by citizens and law enforcement. By so doing, they serve as a buffer between law enforcement and society. Magistrates:

  • Conduct hearings on citizen and law enforcement requests that the magistrate issue arrest warrants, summonses, extradition warrants, search warrants, emergency protective orders (EPOs), and other criminal and civil processes
  • Conduct hearings on requests that the magistrate issue emergency custody orders (ECOs) and temporary detention orders (TDOs) in cases involving medical and mental health emergencies
  • Conduct bail determination hearings on recently arrested persons. Such hearings examine whether the accused can safely be released from custody pending trial, and, if so, on what terms. This leads to either their release on bail or their commitment to jail
  • Process the release of defendants from jail who have posted secured bonds or who have otherwise become eligible for pretrial release
  • Administer oaths and acknowledgments


Magistrates are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. If a magistrate is not present in the Prince Edward office, a magistrate in another county will be available via video teleconference.

For additional information about Magistrates, visit the Supreme Court of Virginia's site at: http://