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While under Piedmont Court Services' supervision, offenders may receive many services including those listed below:




In FY17-18, Piedmont Court Services supervised offenders who paid a total of $8,291.36 in restitution. Offenders in FY17-18 performed 15,940 hours of community service. This number of hours, based on the $7.25 minimum wage rate is equivalent to $115,565. in taxpayer dollars. 



From the inception of Piedmont Court Services in October 1983 to June 30, 2018, 3,407 of the 24,748 offenders supervised by Piedmont Court Services were placed under our supervision on more than one occasion. The percentage of those repeat offenders supervised by Piedmont Court Services totaled 13.77% of all probationers placed under our supervision during the past 35 years.