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2007 Archived Press Releases

2007 Archived Press Releases by Date:

December 26, 2007: A Common Bond: Churches Share History, Lay Down Foundation

December 21, 2007: Lowe's Opens January 5th

December 19, 2007: Area Has Tourism Center

Lucas Home

December 7, 2007: Extreme Construction "Reveal" Set Monday
December 5, 2007: Extreme Surprise: Local Couple Gets New Home Through TV Show

Photo courtesy of Rob Chapman at The Farmville Herald


December 3, 2007: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Door Knock Fact Sheet
December 3, 2007: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Comes to Prince Edward County!

December 3, 2007: Golf Digest selects The Manor Resort as one of America's Best New Courses of 2007.

Demolition Photo of Lucas' Homesite

December 7, 2007: Tear It Down; Build It Back in 7 Days.

Photo courtesy of Thomas A. Jones at The Southside Messenger

October 2007: County Supervisors presented a framed copy of a resolution of respect honoring the late Oliver Hill Sr. Tuesday evening to his son, Dr. Oliver W. Hill Jr.

October 2007: Board of Supervisors Honors Life & Legacy of Oliver White Hill, Sr.

September 2007: "In Farmville, VA., Landmarks of a Landmark Case" from the September 19, 2007 edition of the Washington Post.

September 2007: Virginia Tobacco Indemnification funds 2005 shortfall. Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors authorizes disbursement of over $336,000 in Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission funds to 9 local businesses and industries

July 2007: Gov. Tim Kaine $77 million investment in Prince Edward County - Poplar Hill Golf Course Inn & Conference Center to create 180 jobs.

June 2007: Gov. Kaine announces completion of Norfolk Southern's Gift of High Bridge - Rail Line to become focus of High Bridge Trail State Park.

June 2007: Lowe's to open 112,000 square foot facility in Prince Edward County.